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How to Use The AliExpress Dropshipping Center to Make More Sales

If you’re a dropshipper, you are looking for…

  • winning products,
  • great prices (so you make good profits),
  • fast shipping,
  • good marketing.

Today, you will get to know a free-forever tool that will help you find winning products from suppliers who offer great prices and fast shipping.

If this is what you’re looking for, read on!

The AliExpress Dropshipping Center is one of the most powerful tools to get an unfair advantage over your competitors. You just need to know how to use it properly. 

If you already have an account, you can click here to skip the next part of this article and move to the parts where you will learn how to use this amazing tool.

Note: If you want me to send you a list of 100 dropshipping products that I already validated with the help of the AliExpress dropshipping center (incl. price calculations), leave a comment at the bottom of this site.

Get Free Access to The AliExpress Dropshipping Center

To get access, you need a free AliExpress account. You can sign up for AliExpress by clicking here.

Next, you need to visit this site and apply for access.

If you’re visiting this site for the first time, you’ll need to agree to the user agreement. Scroll down to the bottom for the site, check the “I have read and agreed [...]” checkbox and click on the “Next Step” button.

The next step is pretty much the same. Scroll down, check the box and click the “Next Step” button.

The last part of the application is to enter your first and last name.

Click the red “Submit” button at the bottom of the site and you will see this screen:

Congratulations, from now on, you can use this link to access the AliExpress Dropshipping Center!

Alternatively, you can access the dropshipper center straight from your AliExpress account.

This tab won’t appear, if you haven’t signed up for the dropshipping center.

Ready to move on and see how you can start, run and grow your dropshipping business with this amazing tool?

The AliExpress Dropshipping Center Guide

I know, getting used to new tools is always time consuming. But not today. Read on and you are all set. We will cover everything you need to know.

This is how your new dropshipping center frontpage looks:

Not every link, button and content is equally important. 

We will now go through each important part of this app together.

Your Current AliExpress Dropshipping Center Level

The benefit of the dropshipping center is not just the data you get (we will cover that later), you will also get discounts on the products you’re selling. 

This means that you can:

  1. Sell your products for lower prices (and have an unfair advantage of competitors), or
  2. Keep your prices high and make more profit per sale

Both options are just great, don’t you think?

If you have a new account and haven’t made any sales, you will start with “Normal Level” and no discounts for now. 

But since the goal of your business is to make money, you won’t need long for your first discounts. As soon as your GMV (gross merchandise volume) hits $1,000, you will get 2% discount on all orders.

In simple words: you will get a 2% discount if you paid AliExpress suppliers $1,000 for their products.

But that’s not all. You can get more discounts:

You may even get higher discounts. The suppliers can give you more if they want to. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask your suppliers for a discount.

To shorten your time to make sales, read this case study how I made $1,.... In ….. In fact, I used the AliExpress Dropshipping Center to analyze my products for that Shopify store.

How to (Actually) Find AliExpress Best Sellers 

To identify best sellers on AliExpress with the dropshipping center, you need to move your attention to the left hand sidebar and click on “Find Products to Sell”.

By default, you will see a lot of data (aka. opportunities).

It might seem complicated to read, but it’s actually very simple and worth learning how to use it. It can make the difference between a business that doesn’t make any sales and a profitable business.

Let’s go through the important parts

Here are the five things you should take a look at:

  1. Hot Selling tab: this is where you can do your research.
  1. Search term: if you have a niche or vague product idea, enter your keyword.
  1. Filter: let AliExpress only show you search results that are relevant to you (eg. availability of ePacket, free shipping, sort by orders, etc.).
  1. Consumer orders: This number shows you how many end-consumers bought this product directly from AliExpress (These are usual customers who haven’t bought from a dropshipper).
  1. DS Orders: This is the amount of people who bought this product from another dropshipper (= from your competitors).

This overview is a solid starting point. You get a good idea of what products can work in your dropshipping store.

Note: Want me to send you a list of pre-validated 100 dropshipping products? Leave a comment at the bottom of this site.

To get more data of each specific product, you need to click on “Analyze”.

By clicking on it, you will land on the “Product Analysis” section of the AliExpress Dropshipping Center. You can also directly access this section from the sidebar on the life side.

The specific data you will get can help you make the final decision if you want to sell this product or not.

To look up the data, plug in the URL of the product you want to analyze. This will happen automatically if you’re coming from the search results page.

The image above shows you the example results of a bracelet.

As seen on the screenshot, the supplier is called “CHIELOYS Official Store”. This data is important because you check this supplier for more products. Working with just one supplier has a big benefit. If your customers order more than one product with one sale, all products will arrive at the same time.

If you’re working with several suppliers, the packages come on different days. This often leads to an increase in customer support.

The data on “Overview of Sales Volume” can be misleading.

The left side of the product analysis chart shows a range from 0 to 100. This is not the actual amount of sales.

The higher the number is, the more products have been sold on the shown date. 

100 = most sales in recent history. This “100” can mean 35,000 sales or 350 sales. It depends on the overall sales of that product. 

During your product research, make sure you’re not just looking for a crazy amount of total sales, but also that the product is still generating sales. Look for a good balance.

Reverse Image Dropshipping Product Research

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sell your competitor’s best selling products? 

Now you can!

All you need is an image of a product you want to sell (and access to the AliExpress dropshipping center).

Right next to the “Hot Selling” tab (from the step above), you find the “Search by image” tab.

Just upload an image and let AliExpress do the magic.

Here’s an example (bracelet):

You can then start to analyze the products to see the potential.

Pro Tipp: this feature is not just great for research purposes but also to find the same product on AliExpress if your supplier doesn’t sell the product anymore or prices increased.

Right next to the “Search by image” tab, you can see the “Sponsored Products” tab. This tab is actually useless for you. It only gives suppliers the opportunity to run ads on the dropshipping center. You can ignore this.

Unleash The Power And Add Dropshipping Apps

Just like your phone and Shopify, you can add certain apps to the AliExpress dropshipping center. Those apps are seamless integrations and can help you run your dropshipping business.

To add apps, just click on “Add more” right next to “Apps” on the left sidebar.

Right now, there are three apps available.

Here’s a short explanation of what they do and how to set them up:

Note: Since the set-up process of all three apps are very similar and I don’t want to waste your time, we will go through the set-up process of one app.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center App #1: DSers

DSers is a (for most dropshippers) free app that lets you import products from AliExpress, makes order fulfillment easy (bulk ordering is a free feature) and can do pretty much anything you need to run a successful dropshipping business.

It’s a free Shopify app and can be downloaded here.

To connect the app to AliExpress, you need to whitelist your store. As soon as you have a free DSers account, you can see “+ Link to AliExpress” on the top of your DSers dashboard.

Click on it and you will be asked to agree to certain terms that are required to proceed.

If everything worked, you will now see this at the top of your DSers dashboard:

AliExpress Dropshipping Center App #2: ANTDIY

ANTDIY is a very similar app to DSers (see above). It seems that it’s still under development. Maybe there are coming new features soon.

If you want to give it a go anyway, you can get the Shopify app here.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center App #3: Topdser

Just like DSers and ANTDIY, Topdser is a full-service dropshipping solution that lets you import products, allows bulk-ordering and gives you pretty much everything else that a dropshipper needs.

You can get the free Shopify app here.

All three apps have very similar features and it can come down to personal preference which one you will like the most.

Looking at the reviews in the Shopify app store (1,099 total reviews, 4.9/5 star rating), DSers seems to be a very good choice.

How to Use The AliExpress Dropshipping Center To Make Sales

Don’t underestimate the power of this tool. 

There are not too many successful ecommerce stores that have been built solely on pure assumptions. You don’t need to study advanced data analytics but you should definitely start to use the data that the AliExpress dropshipping center gives you.

The last thing you want to do is to try to sell a product that no one wants to have.

Make it a habit to check every product you consider to sell with the help of the dropshipping center. It only takes a few seconds but can make a huge difference in your business.

Note: If you want me to send you a list of 100 dropshipping products that I already validated with the help of the AliExpress dropshipping center (incl. price calculations), leave a comment below