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Is This The Better Oberlo?

If you have ever drop shipped anything, there is a high chance you have come across Oberlo. 

It’s considered the holy grail for Shopify Dropshippers and there are good reasons for that. You’ll get a Shopify app and a Chrome extension in one package to make it easy to import products from AliExpress to your Shopify store. 

However, Oberlo is not the only app that is helping you as a Dropshipper. Meet DSers, the dropshipping plugin for AliExpress

Besides importing potential products to your shop, DSers can help you to fulfil all of your customers orders in one click, in order to reduce the time you waste on manually ordering things from AliExpress.

In the free version of DSers you can already do pretty much everything you need - finding products, importing them to your store, fulfilling orders and more, so upgrading to a paid plan will not be any of your worries anytime soon.

If you’re currently on Oberlo and think about switching, be careful! There might be a significant amount of work involved, since the products you imported to Oberlo will not be compatible with the way that DSers handles its product imports.

What You Can Expect From DSers

In our stores we have actually tried many Dropshipping apps and I have to say that all of them take some time to get used to, since they have a little bit different concepts. So, if you’re going with one of the biggest apps out there, it will be a matter of taste (and price) when it comes to the user experience. 

With DSers (like with most apps) you do your usual product research and then use the extension to import the products of your choice into your store. The DSers extension works quite well and there is not much of a learning curve.

In general, DSers is extremely well received as Shopify App reviews go and I agree.

What's Different in DSers?

Well, leaving aside the general design of the interface and some very small things, not that much. If you have used Oberlo or another Dropshipping app before, you will most probably understand DSers quickly as it builds around the same logic like the other apps. Although this might be just a difference in taste, I definitely prefer the  “Orders” page in DSers over many other tools out there. 

In essence, DSers also “just” aims to reduce the time you spend on AliExpress and order fulfillment so you can invest your time where it actually matters. Going further in, you will quickly notice that DSers has a handful of features which quickly put a certain amount of distance to its competitors. If you have used Oberlo before and didn’t just run a single Shopify store, you know the pain of having to manage multiple accounts for multiple stores. This gets messy pretty quickly and it can just be a pain if you want to quickly get an overview of all your stores. In DSers you can manage all your stores within one dashboard. All this comes with one important distinction:

DSers is free - well kind of… 

There are paid plans, but in all honesty: The free version is more than enough if you’re not already quite a large seller. You even get bulk fulfillment for free - which DSers competitors usually require you to switch to paid plans for and managing multiple stores isn’t even possible for most competitors. 

If you really need advanced product mapping based on countries, built-in upsells, automated inventory updates and the AliExpress affiliate integration, then you will have to switch to the paid plans (from $19.90 to $49.90 a month). 

Same goes if you have more than three stores or over 3000 products. But let’s be honest, if you somehow manage to hit the 3000 products limit without having multiple stores, there is something wrong anyways.

Another really neat feature: Syncing tracking numbers to your Paypal account. Without going into too much detail, this is a great feature to significantly reduce the time that Paypal will put your payouts on hold when you are just starting out.

Easy Setup

After installing DSers you have two options: Dive in or go through the Tutorial.

If this is your first Dropshipping store, we highly recommend you to do the tutorial first. 

Actually, even if you have used other apps like Oberlo before, we still recommend the tutorial to make sure you don’t miss anything. 

There are just four easy steps and DSers does a good job of guiding you through them:

  1. Deactivate Shopify’s auto fulfillment feature
  2. Link DSers to your Shopify store (if it's not already done)
  3. Link your AliExpress account
  4. Find products or map existing products to AliExpress suppliers

Hint: If you’re new to Dropshipping, I recommend an additional step. Go to your DSers settings and set up the default shipping method (Setting - Shipping). I want to urge you to not leave the default shipping method for any product. Go to each product listing on AliExpress and make sure that you find the shipping method that makes sense for you and your customers - then set in within DSers. If you don’t and shipping takes three months, you will have to deal with refund mania. Nobody wants to deal with refund mania, so invest some time into that.

Importing Products

When importing products to DSers you have two options again:

  1. Using the Google Chrome extension
  2. Using the built-in product search page ("Find Suppliers" in the left menu)

I generally recommend going directly to AliExpress and using the chrome extension, since there are more filters that you don’t find in the built in product search page, but this comes down to how you conduct your product research. 

If you’re on a product page on AliExpress, just simply press the “Add to DSers” button which should appear right next to “Add to Cart” once you installed the chrome extension. Afterwards, head over to DSers and go to “Products” and click on “Import List”. You will find all the products you added through the extension in there.

In there, you can edit each product listing, add tags or split a product into multiple variants. Once you’re done, you can push all of them with a single click to your Shopify store.

And that’s it. It's hard to make it any easier.

Fulfilling Orders

This is the enjoyable part about DSers. After setting up your products and shipping methods, you can just head to DSers and click on “Orders” and then “Open” to find a list with all orders that still await fulfilment. 

Since you already get bulk ordering in the free plan, you can just select all products with a single click and then click on “Place order to AliExpress” and DSers will do the rest. Neat, isn’t it?

Another great thing about bulk fulfilment is the fact that you do not have to deal with hundreds of small transactions, but you can pay for a dozen or a hundred orders at once. This is not just more comfortable in terms of fulfilment, but it also makes organizing your bank statements for filing taxes easier.

Yes, you will get the same feature with almost any competitor, but getting it for free is what really differentiates DSers from the others.


We will make it short here...

In summary, do we recommend DSers?



Do we recommend you to switch from whatever you have to DSers?

It depends.

If you’re already working with any other dropshipping app and are happy, just stick with it. The hassle of changing to DSers will not be worth it. 

However, if you have multiple stores and it's an absolute pain for you to manage all of them, DSers might be here to help. Same goes for country-based product mapping: If you’re selling globally and you need a smart way to set up product alternatives for the different countries your customers might be in, DSers can help you save a lot of time. However, if you’re using something like Oberlo and you just want to save a couple of bucks on your subscription, the hassle of converting all your products to DSers might actually only be worth it if you are planning not to grow your store anymore. 

If you’re just starting out and did not install any dropshipping app yet, we highly recommend DSers, since you can get bulk fulfilment for free.